Dermapen® microneedling therapy is a highly efficient anti-aging treatment that boosts skin’s ability to produce new collagen and regenerate itself while erasing the wrinkles and scars.

We use the original, U.S. manufactured product Dermapen®. Dermapen® comes in the form of an electric pen containing numerous micro needles for one-time use. It’s specific because it enables the professional to treat the usually inaccessible parts during anti-aging treatments such as eyes, nose and lip corners while the patient receives less painful but more efficient anti-aging treatment.

Micro needles are injected into the skin under the 90 degrees causing the superficial skin damage but at the same time thrusting the skin to regenerate itself. During this process, new collagen is forced made and the skin in regenerated in a natural way.


Dermapen® is advised to both women and men who want to erase the wrinkles and ageing process on the skin, to eliminate the scars of all sorts and to rejuvenate the skin.


A highly efficient anti-aging treatment that requires patience since new collagen fibers take time to form and rejuvenate. First results are visible within 3 to 4 weeks after the treatment.

Recovery time

Couple of days.