Polyclinic Markusic in Opatija

Polyclinic Markusic started working on June 1, 2015. Polyclinic Markusic is the first such private medical polyclinic for dermatology and ophthalmology in Opatija and the region.

Polyclinic Markusic owns its foundation to the 20 years of private dermatology practice founded and led by dr. Jadranka Markusic, dermatologist.

Today, Polyclinic Markusic offers medical and medical aesthetic services in:

  • dermatovenerology – skin and venereal diseases and allergies
  • anti-aging dermatology – modern medical anti-aging treatments such as dermal fillers, botox therapy, mesothreads, mesotherapy, chemical peels
  • ophthalmology – in particular, we offer aesthetic ophthalmology services such as blepharoplasty, reming the access skin on the upper and lower eyes and lids

Polyclinic Markusic medical team is lead by dr. Jadranka Markusic, dermatologist with more than 35 years of professional medical expertise. Marketing, sales and promotion activities are run by Sanja Markusic, MBA.

Polyclinic Markusic launched its own brand of anti-aging services called Anti-agingCroatia 

Our contacts:

Facebook page Polyclinic Markusic

Facebook page Anti-aging Croatia

phone: +385 51 272 945

mobile: +385 99 35 66 777

e-mail: info@poliklinika-markusic.hr

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