Polyclinic Markušić was opened on June 1, 2015 as the successor the private dermatovenerological practice founded by dr. Jadranka Markušić.

Specialist in dermatovenerology, dr. Markušić has more than 35 years of medical experience. She has lead her private practice from 1995 till 2015 when Poyliclinic Markušić was founded.

Dr. Markušić started her professional career at Medical Faculty and Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases at Clinical Medical Center in Rijeka. Working with patients and teaching at the faculty enabled dr. Markušić to continue working with her patients in her own private practice combining the acquired knowledge with new dermatological disciplines such as dermatological cosmetics and anti-aging dermatology.

During the years, dr. Markušić and her team have introduced new and innovative techniques, procedures and treatments based on high tech research and new scientific findings in healing and regenerating the skin. Thus the clinic is today well equipped with the latest medical equipment such as IPL, IRF, micro-dermoabraser, ultra violet light, Skeyndor virtual mesotherapy and Bio-Oxygen machines, to name just some.

Individual yet holistic approach is the key dr. Markušić emphasizes while working with her patients.

Anti-aging clinic Markušić is proud to point out:

  • More than 35 year of professional medical experience
  • Humane and holistic approach to each individual patient
  • A vast array of dermatological services and consults
  • Modern and up-to-date technology
  • Approachable and easy communication with the staff
  • Competitive prices