Special prices in Polyclinic Markusic in September

Summer is over and we are entering September and getting back to our regular activities. September is an ideal month for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. We have prepared special prices in Polyclinic Markusic in September.

September is also one of the top months when both women and men decide to take anti-aging treatments and rejuvenate their facial and body skin. We have prepared special prices for hyaluronic acid or dermal fillers prices.

Hyaluronic acid fillers Anteis

  • -10% for 1 ml
  • -20% for 2 ml and more

It’s good to take notice that we work with technologically advanced Anteis Injection System for filler application which means less pain for the patients and more precise application of the fillers into the skin.

Even though the heat wave is over and we are entering a somewhat cooler period of the year, still, some patients are dealing with access sweating regardless of the season. Our special prices on botox therapy against excess sweating is still valid.

  • 3.000,00 kn for cash payments
  • 3.400,00 kn for card payments

Botox is applied under the arms, into the palms and feet of the patients.

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