Thread lifting or mesothreads face-lift is a new and innovative anti-aging technique in aesthetic dermatology.

The treatment, in essence, means introducing special mesothreads made out of biocompatible material under the skin in order to acchieve the face-lift effect without surgical interventions. These mesothreads that are introduced under the patient’s skin push the skin to produce new collagen and elastin and to rejuvenate itself in the process. The mesothreads are completely resorbed into the skin and tissue within 6 to 8 months while the effects of this procedure are visible for up to 2 years.

Mesotrax mesolifting threads for non-surgical face-lift

Mesothread lifting is a procedure that is highly effective in skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis from stimulating fibroblast.

Areas of application

Thread lifting is applied to:

  • effect the sagging skin on different parts of the face
  • contour the face and its parts
  • even the facial wrinkle
  • enhance the facial and neck skin texture
  • ease the wrinkles around the eyes
  • lift the brows
  • lift the cheeks and cheekbones
  • even the deep nasolabial wrinkles (around the lips) and wrinkles in the corner of the lips
  • lift the skin on different parts of the body such as stomach, upper arms, inner thighs and buttocks

Method of application

Prior to treatment,  a local anesthetic cream is applied to the treated area. Mesothread needles are thin and flexible and hold the thread inside. They are specially designed so the treatment would be comfortable. Mesothread needles are then inserted under the skin so to lift the skin up and to form new lines and countours. In doing so, we basically do a three-dimensional tissue modellation.

During time, mesothreads are biodegraded by tissue enzymes and excreted via the bloodstream.

The effects of thread lifting – mesothreads

  • Fast and visible anti-aging results
  • Anti-aging effects that are visible for up to 2 years
  • Non-invasive and secure medical treatment

Mesotrax mesolifting threads