Venus Viva is a modern medical device based on Nano Fractional Radiofreqency technology. Venus Viva is used for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, striae and pigmentation removal, lifting and skin tightening treatments. Our clinic is the 1st in the region to offer patients medical anti-aging treatments based on this innovative technology.

Venus Viva is used for:

  • skin lifting and tightening
  • full face rejuvenation
  • removing pigmentations
  • removing wrinkles: superficials and deep wrinkles
  • removing acne scars
  • rosacea treatments
  • removing strech marks
  • removing all sorts of scars

Venus Viva device operates with two different headsets:

Nano Fractional Radiofrequency – more agressive treatments, used for skin rejuvenation and tightening. In effect, similar to laser type of treatments but with less downtime. Skin redness is present for 2 to 3 days.

Mp2 Radiofrequency: more gentle treatments, used for skin lifting and tightening, with no downtime (recovery is immediate).

1st step is the anti-aging consultation with our dermatologist. The result is the personalized anti-aging program for each patient: it includes all anti-aging techniques and treatments, targeted anti-aging skin care and supplements (vitamins, minerals) for the most anti-aging result.

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Medical problem: Facial skin rejuvenation; skin damaged by acne scars; wide pores; hard texture

Type of treatmant: Venus Viva Nano Fractional Radiofrequency treatment

# of treatments: 1

Patient’s age: 39

Result: rejuvenated skin; deep wrinkles removed, deep acne scars removed, nice skin texture

Medical problem: Sagging facial skin; skin without glow

Type of treatmant: Venus Viva MP2 Radiofrequency treatment

# of treatments: 6

Patient’s age: 67

Result: rejuvenated skin; skin is lifted, wrinkles are even